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Svalbard Husky is a small tour operator on Svalbard. It is run by Robert Nilsen and Sissel Lian. Both are active outdoor enthusiasts with extensive tour experience in either the extreme Arctic conditions or short trips in easy terrain with plenty fire wood. We have been around the largest areas of Svalbard, both in summer and winter. We have been challenged by all seasons’ weather and by other small or large obstacles. Both of us have a great need to be outdoors, breathe freely, and be close to nature.


It is hard to say where Robert comes from. He has Tromsø in his veins and Nøtterøy can be heard in his dialect. He has been competing in long distance dog sled sport with good results for years. Posters from both Finnmark’s Race and Femund Race, together with a lot of diplomas from other races hang on his wall of fame. Sissel comes from outer Trøndelag and has had a growing interest in outdoor life since her childhood. Her interest in animals has always been there, but her interest in dog racing appeared after meeting Robert.

”Both of us fell in love with Svalbard on our own. We came back again and again, spent many vacations up here, until we met by coincidence. And then the way to Svalbard was short. In January 2009 we moved permanently to Longyearbyen, a choice we have never regretted.”


Svalbard Husky was started in 2010 when we took over a kennel with 42 dogs. Svalbard Husky has since grown from one to several employees and the kennel now houses about 90 dogs. Robert takes care of the practical part of the business, together with the guides. Sissel ensures that all paperwork is in order and acts as a guide when it is a busy day or when she needs a day out, which is not rare.


With Svalbard Husky You can experience Svalbard’s magnificent nature in its stunning Winter coat, in several ways. We offer half day dog sled trips the whole Winter season. At all our trips during the ”Polar night” there will, if whether allows, be possible to experience the Northern light. ”Polar night” is from mid-October, till mid-February. If you are dreaming of a longer expedition over several days, we tailor a trip according to your dream.

Are you dreaming of crossing Spitsbergen, or explore the most remote parts of Svalbard, where you are far, far away from the nearest settlement? Contact us, let us help you realize your dream! Summer at Svalbard is a special period. When the snow melts, and the midnight-sun wins over night there is also an explosion of life at the whole. Colourful flowers pops up all over the tundra, Birds are returning for their breeding season, and the Arctic fox gets their puppies. This time of year gives completely new ways to explore Svalbard, one popular way is dog-sled on wheels. Either along the coastline towards Vestpynten, or into the majestic Adventdalen. It is also possible to do hiking-trips in the mountains near town. If you are looking for an arrangement outside our program, just contact us, and we tailor an arrangement for you, also outside main seasons

The owners of Svalbard Husky

Sissel & Robert

Guides In Action

Our Guides:



Thomas is a calm and pleasant gentleman. He studied Arctic Nature Guiding at college in Finnmark. Thomas is originally from Stavanger, and has been with us since the winter of 2013. Thomas has plenty of knowledge about Svalbard. He shares fascinating useful and useless information and facts about Svalbard, dog sledding, and life in general. He is very concerned that everyone, both people and dogs, should have good experiences.

Thomas is often mentioned by guests and gets good feedback from Tripadvisor, for example.

Thomas is also our ski guide.



Maja is currently finishing her degree in geologi at unis, and when she is not studying she loves to spend time in nature, preferably with dogs. Maja has experience with mushing and handling from Northern norway and this girl has lots of energy and good vibes.


Thomas is guide for Svalbard Husky


Contact us:

If you wish a tour outside our program, please contact us by email or call. We are happy to adjust a program for you, both in and out of the main season.

Svalbard Husky

Tel.: +47 78 40 30 78

Post address: Pb 1039, 9171 Longyearbyen, Norway Kennel

The Kennel in Adventdalen

Northern lights over Svalbard Husky Kennel in Aventdalen on Svalbard.

Between 90 and 100 Alaskan Huskies live in the kennel. Today we have about 85 adult dogs , and some puppies. We have Alaskan Huskies of all ages, with different appearances. Each has a unique personality and behavior. What they all have in common is a very social disposition and desire to run. All our dogs are cuddly, kind and happy to have visitors. The dogs are raised with much social contact either with strangers or acquaintances, children and adults. Every day they greet new people and in addition they are well trained. All this provides a good basis for social and happy dogs that are well liked.

The Alaskan Husky is a mixed breed based on the North American Indian dog. These dogs have been known for thousand years as a robust, sociable and friendly type of dog with an extreme desire to work. These dogs have great coats and a tough mentality. They love best to stay outside in harsh Arctic conditions. On several occasions we have seen that the dogs do not care to go inside, even if it is windy and -30 degrees Celsius outside. Throughout history characteristics from other breeds have been mixed with the Husky, among those various breeds of hunting dogs and other polar dogs.

This results in a dog’s ability to pull a sled similar to a marathon runner’s talents. These dogs have very good health and a long lifespan, with no other help than veterinary vaccines. The dogs are fed twice a day and are cared for every day. They are happy dogs that live the life for which they have been created.

The kennel personalities

”King” Ike

Ike spends much of his spare time sitting on the roof of his house, where he keeps life both inside and outside the kennel under surveillance. And has full control from his vantage point. Despite the fact that he is starting to become gray haired, he is still the only one of the dogs that is frisky enough to jump up on his house. Ike is wild and strong, works hard and never gives up. He prefers to be a little behind in the team and is a fantastic anchor dog. With him in the team, you will always go forward.

Ike spends much of his spare time sitting on the roof of his house, where he keeps life both inside and outside the kennel under surveillance.


Charlie is from C-litter. He is quite anonymous in the kennel and does not make any noise. He takes life easy and is a gentleman of leisure. His coat is thick and coal-black. Charlie is an intelligent dog, and took a leading role naturally at a very young age. Together with good leadership skills, he is also very hard-working and keeps up the pressure. Despite of the fact that he is quite large and his coat heavy, he is able to keep the high speed and was used as a leader at several local races that took place on Svalbard. Together with Dingo, he led Svalbard Husky to victory at the local dry land race in the summer of 2014.

Charlie is from C-litter. He is quite anonymous in the kennel and does not make any noise. He takes life easy and is a gentleman of leisure.


Carmen is also from C-litter. Her ice-blue eyes and plump fur make her a very beautiful lady and she is the most photogenic dog in the kennel. She is also aware of this, as she has become quite good at posing. Carmen is one of our best leaders and has inherited

much good leadership knowledge. Carmen was born in 2010 and is still quite young. We are confident that she will lead us through many wonderful trips. We look forward to follow her lead tracks.

Carmen is also from C-litter. Her ice-blue eyes and plump fur make her a very beautiful lady and she is the most photogenic dog in the kennel.


Dingo is not like the other dogs. She has short hair, is a little smaller and is built for

speed. She keeps up the pace on the way and functions wonderfully as a leader. Due to her short fur she lives at home during the winter, where she prefers occupying the sofa and sorting out the garbage. If we forget the garbage, she does it for us and uses the whole house. Dingo is extremely weak for temptation and quickly locates everything that might be edible.

She will show her love for you by eating your chocolate all on her own. She is always happy.

Dingo is not like the other dogs. She has short hair, is a little smaller and is built for speed.


Britt-Torill came from the mainland and was a competition dog there. She achieved very good results in both Finnmark’s Race and Femund Race. Britt-Torill is a very social dog that loves people. She is the mother of several of our upcoming super dogs: G-litter, which

will be described below, and the new J-litter of 2014, hers and our hope. Britt-Torill is finished with maternity leave and duties with her small puppies and now returns to her full time job as an effective leader.


Israel is an offspring of Dingo and is one of the youngest dogs in the kennel. She inherited all maternal whimsical qualities and is a very social and happy dog. She has a bit more hair than her mother, but is still one who needs a little more care during the winter on

Svalbard. There is much potential in Israel; so now is the time for her to be a star. She is ready.

The puppies are anxiously watching the other dogs


Work horses: Chaplin, Courtney, Cox, Clint, Clooney, Charlie, and the previously mentioned Carmen. They are puppies of our old Queen Frøya and the legendary Birk. They are all very hard workers and keep working hard and steady. Some show good leadership skills, especially Carmen and Charlie who are now about to take over the legacy of their parents. They are big, nice and quiet, have plenty of hair, and are very well-equipped for winter on Svalbard. These dogs are just amazing.


Gaia, Gandhi, Garmin, Gore-Tex and Go-Pro are a bunch of great dogs. They have a lot of inner force and love running fast. Gaia is the kennel’s kindest dog. She lies down to be petted when people appear. Go-Pro shows good management skills. It is normal to run on 3G, but we run on 4G and 5G as well, with a lot of power and a lot of speed. They are the future.

The Trappers H-litter

Helfrid and Hilmar are named after famous hunters who have lived on Svalbard. Helfrid and Hilmar Nois lived at Fredheim in Sassen. Hilmar had 38 seasons on Svalbard, while Helfrid, his second wife, had seven winters. Henry ”Polar Bear King” Rudi

had 25 winters and is most famous for having shot a total of 713 polar bears over a period of 40 years. These dogs are very nice and social. They are also the singers in the herd. They start singing when they realize we are going on tour and continue till we run out of the kennel.


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Svalbard Husky

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Tel.:+47 78 40 30 78

Post address: Pb 1039, 9171 Longyearbyen

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